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A Bright Light has Gone out of my Life- Do all Dogs go to Heaven?

Hi, to those that read my blog, I lost my 13 year old dog, Scout this past month and I miss her so much. She got sick, 2 weeks later she was gone. Dogs truly are a man/womans best friend through thick and thin they are there. They stand beside you in good and bad times. I am glad Scout didn’t linger to suffer.

Animals listen to God who gave them life. When God says the years are enough, they stop eating, stop drinking and pass on. Dogs don’t need a soul. God created them and they are always obedient to his call. Strange to think that they would not know death if it hadn’t been for us disobedient people. Something to think about. I know God has a special place for all the creation he has given life.

On a lighter side, for all you who like the technology of a ‘reader’ I now have A Reconciled Heart in E-Book form. Just go to Tate Publishing.com, put in my name or the title and when the book comes up click the title and it will give you the option of buying the E-Book version. Hope those of you who are NOT technically challenged (like me) will buy a copy and enjoy. Talk to you later. Drop me a line.

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