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Got my Garden Cleaned Before the Frost

I’ve been told I should keep this blog updated several times a week so here goes. We were having such nice weather and like I told you the last time, the weather turned cold. I spent hours cleaning out my garden, taking in the hundreds of tomatoes still loaded on the vines and laying them out on newspapers on the sunny end of the porch. A friend told me to get them off the plants before the frost and I could save them. He was correct. I pulled off the tomatoes, green as all get out, a day before we had the first killing frost and brought them inside. I had never tried the method to save the end of season tomatoes before but guess what? My friend was correct. It worked and day by day I had tomatoes turning from green to bright red and just as delicious as if they had ripened on the vine. Problem being, they ripened so fast that I had to bag up a half a bushel two times and give them to the church. Even so, with what I retained, I have made some great pico de gallo using the hundreds of jalepeno’s I also rescued (also froze bags of them). So you can teach an old gardener new tricks. What’s that scripture about considering the ant and how he stores up goods for later use?

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