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Twenty Four Degrees Cold but no Sign of Snow

Burrr. We went from 60-70 degrees down to 24 F. Two weeks until Christmas, house is mostly decorated, but we don’t have snow. My Sis in Indiana said they have lots of snow and she is willing to share if that would work. If we have snow it is usually day before or day after Christmas or not until January and February. Last year we had record-breaking snow fall here in the Ozarks then we were hit with ice storms. I much prefer the snow to ice. Did you ever try to stop on plain ice and watch helplessly as your car takes off in whatever direction it wants to go? We live way out in the country and it is beautiful when it snows and even when it ices. The bare trees look like they are covered in diamonds, shimmering like a glass cathedral, BUT it is not pretty to get out in such weather. As a writer I’ve always thought it quite romantic to get snowed in and sit before a blazing fire drinking cocoa…the reality hits when the ice breaks the wires, no electricity and that romantic fireplace only keeps you warm one side at a time as you huddle around it. THEN you have to go out into that cold and scrounge up some firewood! Or get the old generator out so you can use one appliance at a time, no hot water, dirty hair… oh, yeah. But if that doesn’t happen it is very pretty and I really do enjoy living in the woods and meadows. Join me another day.

The Tomato Rescue Before the Frost Saga Continues

Thought I better update the frost and the green tomatoes story. It is true the green tomatoes I rescued from the frost and put on newspaper on the sunny back porch did survive BUT before the last of them ripened the skins had gotten very tough and wrinkled! I finally looked up ways to freeze the remaining as salsa.
Even though the skins were tough and slightly wrinkled, I only lost 3 to rot and under the tough skins the tomatoes still had that home grown taste. I made two quarts of salsa and gave the others to people at church who really enjoyed the fruit of my labor. SO if you can abide tough and wrinkled skins on your tomatoes for the fresh taste weeks beyond the normal season, save those tomatoes from the frost like I did. Funny, I think I’m getting hungry for salsa and chips. Hummm. Talk later.