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The Tomato Rescue Before the Frost Saga Continues

Thought I better update the frost and the green tomatoes story. It is true the green tomatoes I rescued from the frost and put on newspaper on the sunny back porch did survive BUT before the last of them ripened the skins had gotten very tough and wrinkled! I finally looked up ways to freeze the remaining as salsa.
Even though the skins were tough and slightly wrinkled, I only lost 3 to rot and under the tough skins the tomatoes still had that home grown taste. I made two quarts of salsa and gave the others to people at church who really enjoyed the fruit of my labor. SO if you can abide tough and wrinkled skins on your tomatoes for the fresh taste weeks beyond the normal season, save those tomatoes from the frost like I did. Funny, I think I’m getting hungry for salsa and chips. Hummm. Talk later.

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  1. Smilling, next year when your knee deep in green tomato’s try fryinf a few of them their wonderful, then if you still have a lot of them remaining make ‘chow chow’.

    Have fun and good eating.

    • Hi,

      Believe it or not I had already given the neighbors a bushel of green because they liked fried green tomatoes. I know I am a southern girl but I do not like fried green tomatoes unless they are partially ripe. Bitter! My dad use to love tomatoe cobbler his mother made but when my mom made it, it was awful and we never had it again. The salsa I made is very good. After defrost, the tomatoes aren’t as crisp but the taste is still great.


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