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This Past Year Went so Fast

This year went so fast and I didn’t accomplish a fraction of what I had planned. Happy New Year to all!

I’ll not complain about snow or no snow for awhile. Remember I was miffed because there was 2 inches of snow as close as fifteen miles to fifty miles away and we recieved none that stuck? The same areas that got the most snow received the worse weather this week in that they had a tornado and four people were killed. I thank God it didn’t hit here again. The receipe for tornadoes was set. We got two days of high sixties temps after extreme cold and in rolled the storms. Yesterday it was seventy and tonight it is twenty-four degrees !!!!

Well, God has been good this year as always. Good times or bad times he is always good to his children. We don’t see the big picture so therefore we don’t always understand the trial we go through but without a doubt I know God loves us. Yes, we can create our own problems by self-will, but even then, when we call upon our God he will do what is best for us. Not always what we want, but what is best in the realm of eternity.

Again, a happy and a prosperous new year to all. Another year to let others know about a loving God, a God who is coming to judge the unrepentant, but a God who has prepared heaven for those that will return with him, those that believe and follow the Lord Jesus. The Word says, we reap what we sow. The only escape from that is to accept the power of God’s forgiveness through Christ. I’m so thankful I have the peace of Christ in this world of evil, wars, immorality and hate caused by living in sin. We have a way of escape. Okay, I’ll step out of my pulpit…but not out of the love God has given me, for while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us to be forgiven. Talk to you all later.

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