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We are getting snow.

Whoo Hoo. It started snowing at 6 PM and we have about 2 inches and still snowing. The Christmas snow was just flurries and didn’t stick but this is really coming down and is sticking.
Went to church this morning and it was only 16 degrees but in the afternoon it warmed slightly and then began the white stuff. There is nothing as pretty as woods and meadows covered in a pure white blanket EXCEPT a woods and meadows covered in green and sprinkled with wild flowers. Snow is the only thing that brightens the gray of winter.
Oh, my book, A Reconciled Heart has started to sell again and hopefully the E-version will do well. I sent off the sequel, Emily, and my Norma Jean mysteries series so if you pray, say one for their success. I love to write but sometimes get a bit discouraged when people rave over my published work and it seems I can’t find a home for my next works. Dozens of readers keep asking me when? When can we read more from you and I get somewhat embarrassed to have to say, not yet. I know I am on God’s time table so I just pray for wisdom and faith to know He knows the right timing. I’ll keep writing and sending out and trust He will open the right door or window.

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