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Let Me Show You Our New Snow

Winter Joy

What Makes Winter Pretty
This is one of the joys that helps get through the dull winter months. It happened at a really good time. I was feeling low because my small dog almost went the way of Scout who died in September. Precious stopped breathing four times and when we got her to the vet he found a tennis ball size tumor on her spleen. She is small, only 11 lbs so we were very concerned and prayed fervently for her. Our vet, who is a great guy, took her home with him overnight to get the poisons out of her system so he could operate the next day. The tumor was contained in the spleen so he removed the whole thing. Precious got to come home today and though sore, she is recovering nicely, praise the Lord.
God gives us these scenes of beauty to lift our spirits because He loves us soooo much!
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