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I’m Heartbroken at the Loss of My Second Dog in Five Months, Precious

People can say they are only pets but Precious was with us for ten years and as much a part of the family as anyone. From the time she entered our lives, a cuddly ball of fur sitting in the palm of our hands she was ‘The Baby’. She was a small, eleven pound Chuhauhau /Jack Russell with her own personality and attitude.
I was devastated when we received the call. She had recently had a tumor removed. She was doing better, but she had come home with dog staph infection. She was on antibiotics and had lost her appetite. We took her in to the vet and he treated the infection and said she was dehydrated so he would keep her a few hours and we could pick her up later.
The call we got was totally unexpected. She had a stroke or heartattack and had died despite all their efforts to save her. I never wanted her to die alone, and I fault myself for not being there.
She was so much more than ‘a Pet’. I was never blessed with children and she was like a child to me. She was right beside me all the time. When I was sick, she stayed right with me and vise versa. On trips she was my little partner. She loved to go for rides. Being with me so long, she knew words like, Go and ride and lunch, and MickeyDee’s and she reacted to each.
Last night I went up town and it was so hard not to have her next to me. It was like I could see her little ears perk up with the word town, and then her wiggly joy when I said she could go, but she wasn’t there.
Yes, no matter what people say, I know she was created by God and He created her life. Something that brings as much joy and comfort as Precious did doesn’t just die. As I said before, the scripture says ALL God’s creation will be before Him and praising Him. He created the animals first and said it was good. They don’t need a soul because they always do what God tells them. I believe Precious also is alive somewhere in a place God has set aside for ALL His creation. I know in heaven we will know the full story, but right now I know eternity is forever with no limit to space or time to hold all God has given life. We do know from the Word that humans that die without Christ do still live forever, in a place of continual torment called Hell prepared for the unbeliever. Animals created by God first, having no soul to be good or evil, surely must have a place with God’s creation where the lion lays down with the lamb. I understand symbolism but also reality of flesh and blood life God created before us. I know the pain will lessen, but my love for that little ball of fur will not.

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