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Getting into SpringTime

We had some 70 degree weather recently and I got the itch to get into the dirt. To plant something. Good thing I didn’t since this week it has been in the 30 degree range.

I met people who planted onions, peas, and root vegetables during that warm spell, but I’m more into tomatoes, peppers, beans and lettuce which do not do well in cold or frost.

Wait, be patient, came to mind and I listened. Three years ago in March we had early warming and after several weeks of 70-80 degree days, I put in my beans, tomatoes etc. Everyone around told me it was a bad idea, there was going to be final frost. All my little plants had sprouted and were so perky and healthy then bam! The final cold snap got most of them and I had to start over.

I should have listened to good council but thought I knew better. Or maybe I just hoped so strongly that the plants would be fine and the naysayers would be wrong.

It was another lesson for me. Not only should I listen to knowledgeable council (men who farmed for a living) but it opened my eyes to the fact, l can’t will something to be what it is not.

Only God can over-ride nature and if He will or won’t is not up to me. All I can do is pray for His will to be done and know that the results of that will be what is best.

Jesus said to ask the Father what we will in His name and He will give to us. In His name is in His will , so it doesn’t hurt to ask. I do believe we are not puppets and there are things we pray for that God allows in His permissive will, ‘that our joy may be full’.

By the way, the locals are talking snow again the end of this week, so I will allow the lesson on patience to kick in before I get out the hoe and rake.