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Still Waiting but Antsy to Start

Oh boy! I am chomping again this month to get out to the garden! We had 80 degree days in a row and I was saying to myself, why wait. Start digging. Then we had a storm, then it got cold again and I was glad I did not follow my want to and plant some poor unfortunate plants just to have them die. The neighbor down the street didn’t resist and he lost his corn, just coming up.

Like all things in life, this brings with it a lesson. When we run ahead of God’s plans we will pay the consequences. If we lag behind, like I did last year, the fruit of our labor will be slow to show, if it produces at all. If we rush ahead, we may be disappointed in the results and have to start again, losing what we had gained.

There comes the time when we have to be still and know He is God. Patiently wait upon the Lord. Not get ahead of Him, but not hang back either, just move forward as He lights the pathway. Sometimes it is hard to wait when we think we know the way to accomplish the goal, but waiting is the only way to get the best results.

So I will wait and move when God moves.

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