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What’s Going On?

Hi, it’s been awhile since I updated but it’s been a little busy in my part of the world.
I know I said the last time I had started to plant. Well, I did plant some corn, some watermelon, some okra and tomatoes.and a pepper.
My corn got eaten by the crows even though I repeated the planting 3 times so I gave up. Same with the watermelon. The okra is blooming and putting on some pods which my sister says is because no self-respecting animal would eat the slimmy stuff. Maybe she’s right but I like it breaded and fried.

Tomatoe? Tomatoes? I would like to throw dirt at the Walmart garden department. My little transplants came up fine and healthy but guess what? The tags in the little pots were for Celebrity tomatoes, all three plants BUT now that they are blooming I find out that two of the plants are the little grape tomatoes!!! Is that someone’s idea of a joke? Changing the tags? It’s to late for me to plant again but I am very disappointed.

Other goings on. I am stepping out into the e-book market place. I am working on formatting my books to fit into Smashwords publishing. I’ve heard good things about them so thought I would give it a try. My understanding is that I can still have my works bought by a print publisher but I am to agree not to sell to another e-book site the same stories. Has anyone out there tried this media?

I am praying that it opens doors to gaining readership and thus other avenues to selling my work. I would love to be able to give my writing away but unfortunately with taking care of my mom full time I need to find some financing. What I always say though is that God has been with me through thick and thin. Six years ago when I had to stop work to take care of mom I never thought I could live a week without a steady paycheck and now after six years, God has shown Himself to be faithful in His care. I don’t have as much as I use to but coming out on the other side of two floods where we lost almost everything, I find myself praising God everyday for His love and protection and restoring power. I love Him with all my being and now know more than ever, He loves me beyond my understanding. Talk with you later. Maybe next time I can give you the link to my e-books!