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One Month Makes a Difference

I’m back! With family in hospital, launching new books and my mother having a stroke over the weekend…you never know when the peaceful world will fold into one of stress and uncertainty. God is the keeper and rights my ship even in times of sorrow.

My sister is doing better and my Mom, though spending two days looking into heaven, is back again. The telling of what she saw was miraculous and though we thought we were losing her several times, she came back and said, her timeline is not up yet. She saw things she could not explain except to use all the words in the human language for beautiful, magnificient.

She said heaven has no dark spots and then tried to explain the beauty but said she just couldn’t find words. She said it was light everywhere, no dark spots. She saw friends and loved ones but first of all she saw Jesus. Among the people all around she saw no shadows, no dark at all. Some of what she saw is so personal I’ll leave that for her but after falling into a peaceful sleep after two days of ‘visiting’ she woke with joy.

I had to ask how she felt about being back, after seeing heaven. She said she was okay with it. Jesus wasn’t ready for her yet, but she now definitely knew heaven was waiting for us and again tried to explain but couldn’t. She was at peace because she knew for sure what she had always believed was for real so she could wait with joy.

I just rejoiced with her every discovery. I asked how could she be in heaven and still here with me. She looked away, and it was like she was seeing and talking to someone I couldn’t see, then she turned back to me, saying “I’m in heaven and I’m here. I can’t explain that just like I can’t find words for the beauty but I guess you’ll have to ask Jesus how that can be. He says you’ll know, one day you’ll be there too.” Well, that made me really rejoice.

I know there are people who do not believe in life after death, heaven, being with Jesus but I do believe all His promises are true, just as the prophesies we are seeing fullfilled today are pointing to His return to gather all His children. Call it fantasy whatever you want. Have your opinion. But I believe the Truth.

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