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To Publish or not to Publish in E-book -I decided yes.

Those who follow my blog know I write and have a book A Reconciled Heart, in print and E-book form at Tate Publishing. I have been swaying back and forth with self-publishing and after prayer I have decided to put my work out there. It seems a win-win situation right now. The sites I have put my books on pay royalties and offer E-Book and print-on demand form which is not very different from what I have now so I am plunging in. I want to be read, reach people and if this is the way then so be it. I am tired of waiting for the so called main line publishers. My books have been edited and critiqued by several sources so I am presenting quality work.

I have decided to put Norma Jean Mysteries on Amazon Kindle and Create Space as well as Smashwords.com If you enter my name in the site’s search engine you can see what I now have available.
Herpel Holler Homecoming – Norma Jean Mysteries Book one (Smashwords.com) E-book
Emily – sequel to A Reconciled Heart (Smashwords.com) E-book
Body in the Bluff – Norma Jean Mysteries Book two (Amazon.com) E-book and I have set it up for print on demand on CreateSpace.that is in reveiw.

I’m not getting any younger and God has said write. I may not make a fortune but it beats my stories sitting on a computer drive waiting for daylight. I feel at peace with the project. The transition, changing the files to e-books and to print versions is not as easy as one would think but besides time and following instructions it is not that bad. Of course I write fiction. Non-fiction, books with charts and lots of images seem like they would be more difficult. Not sure.

I’ll keep you updated as God allows me to add more books to my library!

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