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I’m Trying to Figure Out Where to Go from Here

I have been working feverishly to figure a way to sell my e-books. I guess I have gone beyond the comments I’ve read that told me, once you self-publish you can’t go back to traditional methods. I have read some e-book authors have done VERY well, but not being able to do much to promote my books, I have just put the project to prayer right now. I have to take care of my mom 24/7 so unless God helps me sell the books I’m not sure how I can promote right now. I am very grateful for the way to finally get my work out to the public.

I can’t believe it is almost September! Where did the summer go? My garden was a disaster this year. No green tomatoes to deal with. The persistent heat got them all this year. The only thing that really has done good is the okra. It just keeps putting on, BUT it is tomatoes that I really love.

Oh, well. Next year, God willing, I will be able to start earlier and maybe it won’t be in the 100’s for weeks at a time with no rain.

Isn’t it amazing how weather can change from year to year? And now we are having earthquakes in so many places it reminds me of the Biblical statement about earthquakes in diverse places. It is supposed to be a sign Christ is getting close to returning…but we don’t know how close, no one does.

In the meantime, we keep busy, do what we find to do in God’s will.

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