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Mountain View Bean Festival is Coming Up

It’s that time of year again. End of harvest and many small towns are having the end of season festivals before the winter sets in. The trees are a red, orange, peach, purple, gold and some multi-colors I can’t describe. It got below forty degrees for the first time this fall last night.

We have the most beautiful harvest full moon that looks like a giant street lamp in the sky and it is so bright you can read by the light of the moon.

The Bean Festival is one that draws together crafters, writers like me, and food vendors. There are pet contests, parades, contests of best corn bread and beans and then the infamous outhouse races. The entries have to look like an outhouse and there are very strict rules on drivers and pushers and the one taking the finish line first gets the coveted toilet seat award. It is all in fun and with people playing music here and there all over the square it makes for a great day.

I will be there with my books for sale and I always enjoy meeting with the wide variety of people that attend. I’ve had some good reviews on the new works so perhaps I will do quite well with sales. If not I know I will enjoy the time with people—if it doesn’t rain or get too windy.