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Arkansas Fall Harvest Bean Fest is Over

We had a bad day on Friday 28th with cold and wind but Saturday was a beautiful day and we had people from all over, as far as Canada, Maine, California and of course all surrounding states that attend every year.
There was an upset in the Out House Races this year with someone new winning for the first time in ages. The Country Store team took first this year over Jo Jo’s Catfish and Jack’s Resort. They received the Toliet Seat trophy!!
Bean Fest is kinda like the end of tourist season here and this week a lot of the business either closed for the winter until March or scaled back to a couple of days a week. The Chamber of Commerce is trying to get year round events going but it is slow going after the Fall Festival.
My books did well. I sold many of my new Norma Jean’s Mystery series and the new historicals, May and Jed-Beginning the Journey and Emily.The great thing was getting out to see so many people. My Sis watched Mom and I took the two days off to do the book sale and signing. God was very good in giving us a sunny, mild day. Well, even if it had rained, God is still good but I thank Him for the day.
More people wanted my online address to order E-Books. It surprised me somewhat since not many people here even use a computer, but there were many here that are getting Readers, Kindle and others. Then of course we had the out of town people who use the computer for work and personal so I guess it was a mixture.
I am back to working on Body in the Big Box so I better get back at it. For this time in my life I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do, my passion, to write and now with the ease of self-publishing I am able to get the works out to readers for them to make the decisions of whether it is good or bad. So far I have not had any negative responses and some have come back and bought the next in the series so I would say God has blessed the work. Didn’t mean to wait so long to update but I have been busy doing some business writing which brings in a little much needed extra cash. God bless, and I will try to update more often.