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Is Facebook a Good Idea to Promote my Writing? And Other Opinions

I had one of my sisters put up a facebook page on her profile. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about facebook and I am not sure I want to be there but I did get hits on the ‘wall’ pretty quick that said they would check out my books so maybe it is another avenue to get my work into the public hands.

So…where did our snow go? We did not get it here as predicted. Not even on the day we have decided is the REAL Christmas day. Let me explain.

The first year we moved to this area we prayed for snow at Christmas. We got snow on the 27th, second year, third year the same thing so we had decided Christmas must REALLY be on the 27th. This year though it didn’t pan out. So much for predicting the seasons by praying for what we want.

I guess this could be a lesson for other things we pray for. Just because natural phenomenon goes our way sometimes doesn’t neccessarily mean it was an answer to our prayer.

I think about other things, such as a recent post I saw about someone praying for the right person to come along in their life. Bingo. This great guy shows up and the girl is just sure he’s the right one.

First off, she just met him at a restaurant. Next he is an atheist and has no interest in her God…but he is a nice guy, very polite and caring. She must have thrown out the scripture about being unequally yoked and accepted a date. Wrong choice by the Word. She should have witnessed Christ to him and left him alone. Now she’s in a turmoil because she thinks she’s in love and the guy still has no inclinations for accepting Christ. Lesson is, God answers prayer but not against His Word. She could have maintained a friendship with the guy and let God decide the guy’s spiritual future. She put the cart before the horse so to speak and a lot of young (and old) believers do that thinking that they can change a person. Only God has the power to do that.

Then there is another whole area in this story that can happen. The guy could have faked a conversion (which I have seen) just to get the girl. Be diligent in chosing a lifetime commitment. If you pray with an open mind and not emotions, the spirit will reveal the truth. It is hard to be alone but it is even harder to be trapped in a marriage or relationship gone to far with someone who does not share your faith in God.
I’ve known many women who settled for a ‘good man’ but in the most important part of any believer’s life, their walk with God, there is no communion, no strength together. I know when emotions and hormones and loneliness sets in it is not an easy choice but we need to just hold onto the Word, even if it breaks our heart (which the Bible says is deceitful anyway) the decision based on the Word will lead to the happy ending. The joy of the Lord is our Strength, and He will give us the real desire of our heart if we stand in that power. Not swayed to the left or right but straight on the pathway with God. This life is a vapor, short and then gone. The decisions we make with Christ in the center are eternal peace, joy and heaven bound. Whooo. get me off the soap box!! Talk to you again.

Thanking God for His Direction With Our Books

I praise God that He touches our minds with good ideas. Ever since I have been writing I had said, I will not self-publish, so over the years I have continued to send out work. I have had several close calls with big publishers. I had one book published and several short stories and articles but it seemed I could not get a good fit.

I sent out literary agent requests and basically was told I didn’t have a long enough track record.

In June I spotted an article on Kindle Amazon. I said, no. BUT my spirit kept returning to the fact that the work had to be quality even though self-published or Amazon would take it off the site. After all, their goal is to sell books without customer complaints. To shorten this story, I did self-publish with Kindle and God has blessed the effort.

I have started to sell my books and feel so blessed that people now can read what God has given me to write. The Norma Jean’s Mysteries are by far doing the best and it is a blessed feeling to know there are people here and in Europe that i have never met that are buying the work God has given me.

It is a gift from God because without Him I know I couldn’t put a sentence together that made sense. As I’ve said in this blog many times, writing is something that has been my heart since a child.
I just had a promotion in which I had a free offer and during and after the promotion I have been selling a few thousand books and they are still selling after the promotion, praise God.

This will probably be my last post this year…well, maybe one more before the New Year but I wanted to say have a blessed, Merry Christmas and thanks to all my readers for the support that means so much to me. God bless you all.

Signing Back In, Lost Computer but Back in Business

Is it a hassle to suddenly lose all connections? I remember the time when I wouldn’t even use the computer and now it seems I have no connections without it. I used to have an address book, paper, but guess what it got replaced with? Contacts!! I am now having to re-build my contacts with no back-up remaining to draw from.

I’m so glad God doesn’t lose my address. He can find me where ever I happen to drift off or change living locations without having to try and find the lost file.

I’m still writing and have the fourth Norma Jean’s Mystery, Body in the Big Box half-way complete. Thankfully I took my sis’s advice and saved all my writing on a stick file before the crash. In someways the mishap helped me clean up the garbage I had been avoiding in the deleted and useless files I had saved, but I lost a lot of personal contacts that I only had on files and not paper.

Well, I’ve got to start the re-build. Hopefully my friends will email me and I can capture the worldwide group of names again. God is in control so I know there is a reason for all the good and bad that happens in the lives of those that love Him and keep His commandments. That’s the Word. All things work together for good to them that are the called, according to His purpose so we can be at peace and assured He won’t lose our address and He always knows our name.