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Thanking God for His Direction With Our Books

I praise God that He touches our minds with good ideas. Ever since I have been writing I had said, I will not self-publish, so over the years I have continued to send out work. I have had several close calls with big publishers. I had one book published and several short stories and articles but it seemed I could not get a good fit.

I sent out literary agent requests and basically was told I didn’t have a long enough track record.

In June I spotted an article on Kindle Amazon. I said, no. BUT my spirit kept returning to the fact that the work had to be quality even though self-published or Amazon would take it off the site. After all, their goal is to sell books without customer complaints. To shorten this story, I did self-publish with Kindle and God has blessed the effort.

I have started to sell my books and feel so blessed that people now can read what God has given me to write. The Norma Jean’s Mysteries are by far doing the best and it is a blessed feeling to know there are people here and in Europe that i have never met that are buying the work God has given me.

It is a gift from God because without Him I know I couldn’t put a sentence together that made sense. As I’ve said in this blog many times, writing is something that has been my heart since a child.
I just had a promotion in which I had a free offer and during and after the promotion I have been selling a few thousand books and they are still selling after the promotion, praise God.

This will probably be my last post this year…well, maybe one more before the New Year but I wanted to say have a blessed, Merry Christmas and thanks to all my readers for the support that means so much to me. God bless you all.

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  1. That’s so great! May the Lord bless you even more! Merry Christmas! If you have any advice on self-pablishing

    • So glad you liked the post. I hope you can tell my first priority is promoting Christ in everyday situations. Without Him I have no existence.
      I went on Amazon Kindle and just followed directions. They have many programs but one is free and they still give you assistance so that was great. Your book needs to be well edited and follow their advice if you want the best results. God Bless you

  2. That’s so great! May the Lord bless you even more! Merry Christmas! If you have any advice on self-publishing it would be very appreciated.


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