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Working Hard for Next Norma Jean’s Mysteries Release – Body in the Big Box

I want to try my best to be consistent in updating my blog site. Sometimes that is hard when your energy and time are focused on something else. I have been sick with a cold and my mom as well. So taking care of her, myself and trying to get the next book in the Norma Jean’s Mystery Series completed has been priority. She’s better, I’m better, praise God so now I’m trying to get back on schedule.

I have read through some of my followers blogs and have been interested in many of the entries. Got to admit some were over my head, a little complex for me but I tried to get on the ‘follow lists’. I’m not at all sure I did it right. Did some of you following my blog site get a follow hit? If not I’ll try again.

I was not quite sure what to make of the ‘dream interpretations’. I know it was done in the Bible but it comes close to future readings, horoscope predictions etc. don’t you think? I would never judge someone saying it is a gift of God unless evil came of it. Maybe I’m too conservative in my thoughts but it just didn’t hit my spirit in a good way.

Well, each to his or her own I guess unless it is contrary to the Word. I believe the Bible teaches that some believers allow things that others don’t and visa versa. If the soul has not become reprobate the Bible says, if our heart doesn’t condemn us then we are at liberty as children of God in His will. Work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

I better get to mom. She is moving a bit and that usually means she needs something. Until we talk again. God Bless

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