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Still Working as an Editor

I am working on the editing of the Norma Jean’s Mysteries, Body in the Big Box so don’t have time to do much more right now. I made the commitment to have it published by February…but I wanted to take time to way in.

I am so thankful to have God on my side, someone who gives me the comfort and peace no one else can give. Now I know some will say God, or belief in God, is just a crutch. That’s okay. Those are the ones that lose the tranquility that can be found in a loving Creator and someone that sticks closer than a brother.

I was reading about Sennachirib and how he taunted King Hezekiah in the Bible and blasphemed God. Telling him that no god would protect Hezekiah or his country from Sennachirib’s armies. They had taken over every city with every kind of gods and nothing would stop him from over-running King Hezekiah. Hezekiah went to prayer and kind of laid out the letter Sennachirib had given to him and asked for help. It is just so great to me what God said not only to Hezekiah but to Sennachirib. Paraphasing, God told Hezekiah he didn’t have to worry. He would take care of the Syrian army and He sure did without Hezekiah lifting a hand to battle. One Angel from Almighty God showed Sennachirib there is no other God except Him. One hundred and eighty five thousand men in the Syrian army were wiped out by the hand of God’s angel. Then God basically told the arrogant Syrian leader who had won so many battles that He had used him to do His bidding as a correction to Israel when they had left off serving the Lord BUT that Hezekiah was a man that sought God for himself and his people therefore the battle was the Lord God’s not any man. Sennachirib returned home and was killed by his own family.

The world of leaders may think that they are controlling situations but we know by the Word of God that they are all playing a role that God has destined them to play to bring about the final Glory of God and His children.

I use to wonder at the constant killing in the old testament but I’ve come to realize it is a form of the spiritual battles we face over and over again. Without Christ it would all seem a hopeless circle but with Christ we can know, the battles belong to the Lord. Vengence is His and He will pick the time and place to repay unbelief. It sure is great that in times of battle we can stand behind God and let Him do what is needed.

I just pray that I can keep that state of mind and spirit always when things come up that I don’t understand. That I would lay the situation in God’s hands the way Hezekiah did and let God handle the details.

Talk to you later

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