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Focus on What the Candidate Will Do, Not on What the Other Did or Didn’t Do

Politics is not something I spend lots of time on but it does irk me to see all the negative campaign ads from people who are supposedly conservative CHRISTIANS and then to hear them say, “We can’t help what our super committees are doing.

WHAT? They can tell their super committees they don’t want their help if they run derogatory ads. If they can’t stand up and say that now, what kind of president are they going to be?? Will they support any devil group that talks nice about them?

If they think the negative ads are wrong, my candidate would stand up and say, “stop doing those ads for me”, Instead of that weak knee smirk smile from Romney saying, I can’t stop their right to free speech. No wonder he can’t get a big majority of support..

I say they need to live what they say they believe, no matter if it costs them money. Can they see Jesus doing that slanderous stuff to another so-called brother?

My candidate will ignore all of that garbage and focus on telling me what he is going to do as president while standing up with a backbone for his principles. I haven’t see one of them like that yet. Let God fight the battle of negative things said about you as a candidate and focus on the positive and if you are to be president God will lift you up.

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