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Thank God We Didn’t Flood

We live in a place where it may not rain for a long time and then it rains so much that the White River comes over its banks and floods people out. Thank God the latest rains got close but didn’t flood. If you follow my blog you know we were flooded out in 2008 twice, had to be rescued and lost most everything.

With the help of a lot of wonderful people we have the house raised ten feet and after four years this month, we have the house back in order. If I look for facts as how we did it financially I don’t know how but we did.

They say hind sight is 20/20 and if we had known or been more diligent on researching the area, we may not have moved here, but I believe this is the place we should be for now and if we had known we may not have come. Although I don’t like the threat of the White River, you couldn’t find a more beautiful place.

The most important thing I learned from all of this is trust. I always thought I trusted God, depended on Him but I realized through this that I had a lot of self-dependence. Not to brag, but I’d always been the giver and to be on the accepting side was hard and it is a humbling experience. I learned we can do nothing without God.

Trust comes when we realize we have no power without Christ. When we come to the end of what we can do and all we can do is curl up in the Father’s arms and depend on Jesus to meet our needs.

Some people believe that they are in control of life. They say they are successful by their own merits and don’t need a religious crutch. I pray for people who think they stand in their own power. When they meet the timeline of life they cannot control their end no matter how hard they try. No matter how successful and powerful a person is death gets us all. Tomorrow is not a promise here. That’s why salvation in Jesus Christ is so important.

We all have gifts and we can use them for good or evil. God rains on the just and the unjust so success can be to believers or unbelievers. True success however is not measured in material wealth but in how we have lived the life God has given us, what we have accomplished with peace and joy in our soul.

God does not want us to be failures. Success with Christ at the center is success for eternity.

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