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The Battle of Good and Evil in the Writing World

I held off on publishing my short story e-book Three Tales to Tingle the Spine debating over whether the three stories were worthwhile to publish, but I have decided to publish them. The reason? The stories are about supernatural occurances that I hadn’t really thought about until they happened to me.

I’m a Christian (if you haven’t picked up on that with my blogs) so I am well aware that there are all kinds of spirits in the world, some I don’t understand how they interact with God’s plan. I know the things in the stories (even though fictionalized to keep anonymous the people involved) were from real occurances. I thought, why not bring up the fact that there is good and evil? We who know the scriptures are well aware of Satan, the demons and angels of darkness that roam the earth. We don’t have to be drawn into the traps of the evil supernatural but neither should we deny they exist. I want to stay clear away from any activity that is not Godly but as a Christian in partnership with God against evil, staying out of supernatural things is not really possible. With the Spirit of God and the blood of Jesus the one thing I don’t fear is anything evil because we know directly God’s almighty power to overcome sin. We are saved from the darkness by Jesus. The Bible and personal experience let me know Jesus is the light that dispels the darkness of evil and gives peace that passes all understanding and lights the pathway I walk.

If you decide to read the stories you will see the supernatural can be fearful at times but will never overcome the blood of Jesus Christ.