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The End of Another Week

An update for my readers. I found out this week that my mom has the symptoms of ‘sundowners’. It means when she goes to bed she becomes confused, agitated and can’t sleep. Last night I had to hold her hand a good part of the night so she would go to sleep. She believes she is upside down or her body is twisted and her feet are at her head when they are in normal position then when she lifts them to her head she feels like they are laying normal.

It is terrible to see her in such a state of confusion and you cannot convince her that what she feels is wrong or not the case. She will say, “I know you’re right, I know I’m not under the bed, but I can’t help it. I feel I am and I can’t stop it.”

Has anyone dealt with this behavior? It started a few weeks ago occurring a couple of nights a week but now it is every night. If we catch it in time a Tylenol PM really helps her to fall asleep, but if she is already in the agitated state, nothing seems to work.

I feel so sorry for her and all I can do is pray. The doctor says there is no cure and it will gradually get worse usually into full dementia. That is what I am praying doesn’t happen and that God will move in her behalf. It is hard on us, but I know it is much harder on her with the panic and constant confusion.

My Mom is 87 and is so ready to meet Jesus. She’s had several glimpses into heaven and is waiting for her call. I will miss her when she goes but I know by faith I will see her again. I know she is suffering and I have released her to God’s will but only He has the time and day of her departure. It is in His hands.

If you believe in the power of fervent prayer, pray for my mom.

A New Place to Find My Books

If you have a Nook reader I would like to let you all know that I am putting my work on Barnes&Noble Nook Books. I have three available right now and I am working on getting the others entered. I am praying with the books on different venues they may reach more readers.

I am close to having A Pathway Home complete. I am going to put it through my critique sisters of the Red Ink Society before releasing it to the public.

This book is new for me with men as main characters but I believe it has a lot to say about the effects of war and the soldiers who came home from the win-less Vietnam conflict. I have to say, to me they were the most unappreciated of all the troops, and for no fault of their own. They went to war because their country called and they fought just like in WW I , WWII and Korea (also a win-less war) yet there was no fan-fare for them. We didn’t win. The disabling and amnesia part of the story for me is a parable to the soldiers who fought in Vietnam.

I tend to tell a story very simply and don’t go very deep but I am hoping this goes deep enough to be thought-provoking. I love to write, love to tell a story but this proofing and checking is the part of writing I find exasperating. However when God gives the gift and says to write we should try our best to get out a good product to the readers.

Got to get back to the work of writing. I’ll keep you updated on my successes or failures as I keep on keeping on.

Can My Followers Spread the Word?

I now have six books available on http://www.amazon.com/author/joannsnapp and I am working on three more. Another Norma Jean’s Mystery, a contemporary romance and one that is new for me, a story about a Vietnam vet severely disfigured with amnesia who has returned to the US after years in Cambodia. Set in 1980 before DNA, Toi Gheh is trying to find out his identity with the help of a friend he meets at the VA hospital in Los Angeles. Pray that I do a good job on that one!!

I would appreciate any help you could give me to promote my work. I know people who have read my work find it interesting, good storytelling.

As I have spent the last seven years taking care of my Mom 24/7 it has drained my savings and retirement. I promised Mom years ago after her first stroke, that as long as I was able she’d never be put in a rest home. God is helping me and my sister(works part-time) to keep that promise. I normally do not make my personal life so open, but God says to make needs known so….

My mom is getting to the point it is very difficult for my sister and me to lift her in and out of the car. I would love to get her a handicapped van so we could get her out more often. She does so love to get out even if it is just for doctor check-ups, which used to mean going out to eat!

I know that all my life is in God’s control. I never intended to retire early but it has allowed me to pursue what He has always whispered to me and that is to write. Now that I am officially retired it has helped somewhat financially, thank God, however with using up all my 401K, not able to work outside the last seven years AND medicare doesn’t pay family to be a caregivers, it’s been challenging. God has supplied all our needs even through two floods with no income, so I know He has the way and means to supply what we need.

I do feel that writing is the avenue God has opened up to supply what we need. I’ve worked hard all my life since I was fourteen so I would not ask for hand-outs. I do believe God has given me a product that people can buy and enjoy.

My work is clean and interesting according to my readers so if you know anyone that likes to read clean stories, please direct them to my site on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/author/joannsnapp     Thank you so much and God bless all of you.