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I Spoke to Soon

On my last blog I said I would try to release my new Norma Jean’s Mystery, Body in the Barrel, by Christmas. I’ve been doing some editing on the draft and have decided it needs more work but I am hoping for January 15th.

I sometimes get impatient and try to rush things but I always want to put out only the best work so I am drawing back some on this one. It will be the fifth in the series so I want it to be good.

Unfortunately, I am like that in other parts of my life, impatient I mean. I want the best results in my witness for Christ but many times try to take a short cut rather than patiently wait upon the Lord.

You know how you sometimes want to just grab someone by the collar that you’ve witness to over and over and say, “Why can’t you see how much God loves you?” But that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

I am determined to be more patient in my work and in my dealing with those who are in darkness of sin and need to be drawn to the light of Jesus. I many times have to go back to the gospels and see how patient Jesus was with the lost. His most stern words were not to the people in darkness who had never heard, but to the religious leaders who walked with fake piety. What did he call them?
Whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones? Clean on the outside but corrupt on the inside.

Chastisement from God is not a bad thing for His children. The Bible says it shows that He is our loving father, we are truly His child. I pray always for the chastisement of God as His child when I need to be taught by the Truth. I don’t want to go on without His light to show me the pathway to take when I get impatient and try to take short-cuts. Thank God for discipline.