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Weapons of Mass Destruction are Where?

I normally don’t get into politics but the news the other night piqued my interest. Bush was put out of the White House (very much so) by his ‘weapons of mass destruction’ claim from a surveillance shot. Then a new shot showed the weapons gone.

Is it just me or isn’t it strange that Saddam’s neighbor, Iran, suddenly ended up with a complete, highly tech facility for nuclear processes in a very short amount of time AND now, his other neighbor, Syria has massive stock piles of chemical weapons in cities along the border (which Asaid has threatened to use on his own people…Does that sound like Saddam?

All that stuff intelligence said was there may very well have been moved to Saddam’s bordering neighbors——–. Could it be?

I do know I was reading in Isaiah about future prophecies of the area and it struck me strange that the Assyria in the Bible became Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The area I was reading said that the new leader of Egypt would go to help resolve the Israel conflict (Israel was not to accept the help, God was to deal with it) and that the Egyptian leader would have to go home without solving anything to face an uprising in his own country. Sounds all too familiar.

Just thought I would share.

It’s a New Year to Praise the Lord

The other day we were talking about the 2000 panic and I can hardly believe that has been thirteen years ago.

It reminds me of many things in our lives, some of which cause such distress leading up to an incident or event and then it becomes the past and we wonder how we got through it but we did.

I try to use the Y2K event when thinking about people who seem to have no hope that there is a better tomorrow. People who may decide what they are facing will never change, will never get better, would do well to count the times in their lives that seemed to be overwhelming for them to get through and how many of those events are now in the past and they did get through.

Many times I think back to school and the anxiety of completing a project or taking a test or having to meet new people. At the time I could see no solution, no good outcome but looking back, after decades, at all the things I came out of on the other side, I see how trivial those times were in the scheme of eternity.

I look at the growing rate of suicides and I mourn and I pray that those in depression would listen to the voice of God. That there will be a time when they will be able to take charge of their circumstances. They will be in control but they need to realize that there is a light on the other side of what they are facing now, and God has a plan for each person if they will listen.

The Word says to Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. The more we commune with God the more we can realize that our desires should be unto Him. That’s where the peace, the contentment, the joy and the bubbling up of Praise for our heavenly Father begins.

The more we follow after God’s plan, the more we praise Him for His everyday goodness, the closer we become a part of Him, the more we will realize this world is not our home, we are just passing through. If we know Christ as our Saviour, our confidant, our friend the more we will realize we have an exciting eternity when we are called home…on God’s schedule, not ours.

So while I’m here I will serve Him and praise Him gladly and look forward with joy, as Paul did, to the time when I finish my course and I receive what God has prepared for those that love Him, those redeemed by Christ Jesus.