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Weapons of Mass Destruction are Where?

I normally don’t get into politics but the news the other night piqued my interest. Bush was put out of the White House (very much so) by his ‘weapons of mass destruction’ claim from a surveillance shot. Then a new shot showed the weapons gone.

Is it just me or isn’t it strange that Saddam’s neighbor, Iran, suddenly ended up with a complete, highly tech facility for nuclear processes in a very short amount of time AND now, his other neighbor, Syria has massive stock piles of chemical weapons in cities along the border (which Asaid has threatened to use on his own people…Does that sound like Saddam?

All that stuff intelligence said was there may very well have been moved to Saddam’s bordering neighbors——–. Could it be?

I do know I was reading in Isaiah about future prophecies of the area and it struck me strange that the Assyria in the Bible became Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The area I was reading said that the new leader of Egypt would go to help resolve the Israel conflict (Israel was not to accept the help, God was to deal with it) and that the Egyptian leader would have to go home without solving anything to face an uprising in his own country. Sounds all too familiar.

Just thought I would share.

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