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To Help a Friend

I have an author friend in England who has done some very good devotional books. She has asked if I could get the word out about her new book. How to pray is the topic. I have done some critique work with the author and find the book inspiring.
From the author, Marion Stroud: (author of dozens of devotional books)
“My new book ‘It’s Just You and Me Lord’ will be in Sam’s Club, in time for Mother’s Day. If I was in the US, I’d know what to do in order to make people aware that it can be bought from there. But from here I’m definitely working in the dark! I should imagine that hundreds of thousands know about Sam’s Club who would never do anything about going to a Christian bookstore or do direct order from Discovery House. And I long for the book to get to those for whom prayer is a mystery.”

If you need help in knowing how to pray and like a good devotional book, please check out Sam’s Club for Marion Stroud’s,  “It’s Just You and Me Lord.”  I hope you will find the book encouraging.

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