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God’s Will is Always the Best

Have you ever begged and pleaded to God for something that you wanted, knowing it HAD to be God’s will and you did not receive the answer you expected? Our human perspectives can cloud our prayers on many occasions. The Word covers these types of prayers.
We have not because we don’t ask, but there is another sentence to that admonition. We have not because we ask amiss. That part tells me there is a caveat to what God will answer.
God knows our hearts and even beyond what we can see or comprehend, He knows when we are asking in His will or outside of His will. How do we decide then what to ask God?
We ask the Father what we will in the name of Jesus. He says ask anything in Jesus’ name and it shall be given to us that our Joy may be full.
Jesus asked what He wanted of the Father. He asked of the Father that “this cup”  be taken from Him. Then He prayed what we should all pray after asking of God and that is, nevertheless, not what I will but what You will or in another text said, nevertheless not My will but Thy will be done.

Jesus was the Son of God. He knew why He had come, yet, living in the flesh, He had come to love and care for the people He was to die for. His cry and His prayer went deeper than not wanting to leave His disciples.

Jesus knew that He would have to take on the sins of the world, He who knew no sin, and in doing that He knew God would have to turn away from Him. He had never been disconnected from the God head and that was what grieved Jesus. That was what He prayed would not happen.

God tells us to pray for our needs and beyond because He says ask anything. The part that carries the most weight is that we are to ask in Jesus’ name. That means according to His Word and His will.
Just as with Jesus, God’s will is not always the easy way. God will give us Joy unspeakable and full of glory. That is not happiness or sadness that comes and goes in this life. Joy is eternal and when we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, it will be that Joy that endures. God’s will is always the best answer we can receive.

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