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Meet the Author

  If you have been following my blog you know I am a writer. I have been writing full books since I was around nine. Most of those old manuscripts got washed away with the floods of 2008.

I spent 43 years working in retail and logistics, with writing as the passion I put on the shelf. In 2005 my logistics job of 25 years went to China. I really was relieved but not sure why. Then I started to write for a vocation. I haven’t made a lot of money (not enough to quit my day job…? but I guess it is my day job now). One month after I lost my job, my Mom had a disabling stroke and has had several since then making my sister and me her primary caregivers, so in the big picture the layoff was God planned. I could not have worked the 12 to 16 hour days or even any hours and take care of her. I promised her long-ago, no resthomes. It’s been a hard promise to keep financially, but I know it is best for her and me.

I have recently taken the plunge and self-published my books. My published book is with Tate Publishing but the self-pubs are with Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace and other online sites.  As said in my blogs, it is not the way I wanted to go, but God is in control and if His will, they will be successful.

Besides writing I like to garden, do-it yourself things and prospecting. I dabble at painting…the artistic kind!!  I want God to be the center of all that I do and to follow Christ’s pathway for my life. I’d like to meet some like minded bloggers and even those that aren’t if writing is their passion.

Jo Ann Snapp went to be with Jesus on November 29, 2013 after suffering a massive heart attack.

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