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A Reconciled Heart

A Reconciled Heart is a strong testimony of faith and forgiveness. Jo Ann Snapp will touch your soul in a place you may have long since forgotten. With twists and turns around every corner, step into the 1890s as Abigail Bentley begins a journey to help a friend deal with a fearful heart. In the process, Abigail learns a timeless truth that she never really understood before. Forgiveness doesn’t come from only the mouth, but from the soul and A Reconciled Heart.

“The book was a page turner.  I was glued to the writing from beginning to end”

Isabel M. Thruston, Pastor

“…a true picture of God’s grace.”

Kim Steele, Post-Tribune Lifestyle Editor

“I am looking forward to reading more from the author.”

Pam Dolan

“I am glad Jo Ann is finally sharing her characters and stories with readers.”

Norma Lewis

A Reconciled Heart – also available at Tatepublishing.com


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