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Body in the Barrel

During a remodel Jason and Norma Jean discover a cellar under the house in the field that has been blocked off since the 1940s. When they break through the rock foundation they find some old fruit jars and three barrels.

The first barrel contains nothing, but the second barrel Norma Jean opens throws her into her fifth mystery as she peers in and sees a body in the barrel.

The people for which the remodel was being done, Julie Farnsworth and Sean Blank, return home as a married couple. Having worked with Norma Jean on the body in the barn case, Julie fits right into the intrigue revolving around the body in the barrel.

Norma Jean Clark enlists the help of her mystery loving friend, Margaret, the Sheriff, and the newest member of the Holler, Coroner Derrick Lake in helping to find out how the body got into the barrel.

Reaching back to a time when moonshine flowed freely and revenuers abounded in the area, a picture begins to unfold in Norma’s efforts to solve the mystery.


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