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Body in the Big Box

Norma Jean goes on an innocent search to find a bass fiddle for joining a musical group that plays on the court square. In the big box, along with the bass fiddle, she finds a body.

It seems pretty straight forward. The skeleton has a wallet, identification and the only thing missing is how he got into the box. Or is it that straight forward? Norma Jean’s curiosity is piqued with the new body she’s found.

While researching, Norma encounters a loud, obnoxious, widow woman named Lorraine Gosset and is drawn back to events that happened in nineteen-seventy five involving a steel guitar player, Lester Shanks and a missing Shorty Gosset. This mystery takes a slightly different direction than Norma expected, with threats and guns and greed.

Her same friends, Margaret, Aunt Ida, Pauly, Truman, Sheriff and the other locals are there to help out as needed. Derrick Lake also enters Norma Jean’s life again in a way she had not intended.

Body in the Big Box is the fourth in the Norma Jean’s Mysteries series.


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