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Body in the Bluff

Body in the Bluff - e book 12914 Norma Jean is at it again. On a beautiful fall day, trees the color of the rainbow, she and good friend, Roy take a hike into the hills above her creek property. Norma Jean comes upon a skeleton jammed into a bluff crevice and the skeleton is clinging to a strange object. Norma Jean wants to find out who lived in those bones.

What occurs is a lesson in greed and sorrow and ultimately Norma finds the answers to give the person a name and a Christian burial.

The same characters from her first mystery, Jason Brahms, Aunt Ida, Pauly Parks, Margaret, Truman, the Sheriff and many hometown people help to bring a conclusion to the mystery of the body in the bluff.

Set in the Arkansas Ozarks, Jo Ann paints wonderful word pictures of the area as well as the southern flavor of the people. She tells of the attitudes and traditions of the south, in subtle and not so subtle ways


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