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Sixteen year old Emily Rains is torn between passion and real love, between what she dreams of and what seems to be changing as she prayerfully takes hesitating steps into adulthood.

Emily’s best friend from childhood, Angeline Simpson, appears to have no problem fitting into her expected role of a 1923 young woman. She falls in love without doubts and confusion with the one man she desires to wed for a lifetime. But Emily? No longer a child, but not yet a woman, Emily is opinionated about her friends and about her future as a horse rancher. She’d like to please her parents but is conflicted when what they want is not in line with her dreams.

Three years in a finishing school back East gave Emily Rains’ parents, Joshua and Abigail, hope that the tomboy ranch hand would be converted into a genteel young lady. Though she returns at sixteen very feminine, Emily still wants her own horse ranch and her choice of friends. Her brothers work for the homestead ranch, her brothers choose their own friends and she cannot understand why her father will not allow her to do the same.

A sudden change in her father’s stand against giving her full freedom at first brings joy then suspicion. Is Emily unknowingly playing into her parents plans for her future, or is Godly guidance beyond her understanding taking control?


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