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May and Jed Beginning the Journey

With his head in his hands, “Gone,” is all Jed can muster and the catastrophe of what happened crystallizes in May’s mind. Wet and worn, Jed flops on the bench next to the ferry landing. May and Jed had watched all the money for their farm float away in little kegs down the raging Wabash River.

She wants to turn back to Kentucky, back to her parents’ prosperous farm, but she decides to trust her husband. The newlyweds face a long detour in Chicago, working to replace the funds for their farm in Cateman, California.

Are they strong enough; is their love strong enough, to bear what God has laid before them?

Chicago 1885: A place as foreign as Europe for a seventeen year old girl who has never been further into the world than Logan’s Holler. And a girl most thought loco for even wanting to leave home, but now she is Mrs. Jed Simpson, married to a preacher’s son, and is being thrown into the strange world of a big city.

Chicago: Standing in the middle of a small, stark apartment, reality sets in for May. God rains on the just and the unjust… God works all things together for good to those that love him… Tested as a married couple and as people of faith, May and Jed discover the detour in Chicago is for their ultimate good but also has a life-changing purpose for the friends they meet.


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