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The Pathway Home

PWH PB 30314

A young soldier lay at death’s door on a Vietnamese jungle pathway when found by a humble oriental woman and a little girl who nursed him back to health with compassion and Godly love. Neither could do anything about his disfigured body and they couldn’t do anything about his amnesia, his inability to remember anything of his past except that of his faith in God.

Through a number of events and after a decade in the jungles of Cambodia, the soldier, who has taken on the name of Toi Gheh, finds his way back to the United States. He begins a search for his identity with the help of Mark Nelson, a soldier injured at the tail end of the war activity in Vietnam. Toi and Mark develop a writing partnership, utilizing information from the investigation into Toi’s past. In his condition of total disfigurement, he is not sure he wants to find a family, but he would like to have a real name again.

Toi and Mark have found what appears to be solid evidence of Toi’s identity, when suddenly the whole investigation takes an unexpected turn.


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