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Author Jo Ann Snapp Releases New Book – Looking Up

Jo Ann is pleased to announce the release of her newest book,

Looking Up

Looking Up Book looking cover

Inspirational Thoughts:

A little teaching, a little preaching, a little sharing from my heart is what I am hoping to convey.

As I put together the articles and short stories for this book, I noted that parts of it seemed written to unbelievers. Its intention however in the teaching/preaching parts is that it might be an inspiration to the believer and give the person witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ some insight in how to reach those who have heard the Word and not listened or be a tool of witnessing to those who have never heard or never surrendered to Christ. References made to scripture are from the King James Version but not always quoted.

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I Can Relate

Seeing the tremendous effects of the storm Sandy brought back memories of 2008 Arkansas floods. Gratefully, by God’s great hand we didn’t lose our house. The interior and all our things were mostly destroyed, then when the second one hit a month later, all our things we had out to dry went down river. It was a devastating time but with God’s help and many caring people we came out on the other side.

I would like to encourage any of the flood victims to hang on. It may look impossible right now to recover but slowly and surely things will get back to normal. It took over two years, but we have our house back in order.

Actually much of the stuff we lost I can’t even remember now, but there are some keepsakes, photos and memories that I think about every once in a while. Then I just praise God we lost no life (we were rescued just hours before our house was under seven feet of water in a very miraculous way).

My mother is totally disabled and many times it comes to me about how blessed we were to have God send someone to us. We didn’t realize the magnitude of what was going to happen, and I truly do not know how we could have gotten my mom to safety under seven feet of water. Every time I think  of it, I praise the Lord for His deliverance.

We are praying for those who believe they have lost everything but are blessed with life to start over and also for those who lost loved ones, that God would give the peace and comfort He promises. It is a promise put to test in my life and I found it to be fulfilled to the uttermost.

Not Since August?

I can’t believe I haven’t updated since August. The new book, The Pathway Home has been edited, critiqued, rewritten and over again but I think it is ready to go public.

Hopefully by the first week in October it will be available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords and in print by Amazon’s CreateSpace.

I would like to thank all my readers who have purchased my work and hopefull enjoyed! My series, Norma Jean’s Mysteries is doing very well. My romances have been slow but I am still thankful, I am honored that readers have taken the time to check out my books. Please help me pray that The Pathway Home will be tremendously successful.

I have been reading the blogs I follow or that follow me but haven’t had much time to respond. There is such a diverse bunch of talent out there, it amazes me! God Bless you all.

Let Me Show You Our New Snow

We are getting snow.

Whoo Hoo. It started snowing at 6 PM and we have about 2 inches and still snowing. The Christmas snow was just flurries and didn’t stick but this is really coming down and is sticking.
Went to church this morning and it was only 16 degrees but in the afternoon it warmed slightly and then began the white stuff. There is nothing as pretty as woods and meadows covered in a pure white blanket EXCEPT a woods and meadows covered in green and sprinkled with wild flowers. Snow is the only thing that brightens the gray of winter.
Oh, my book, A Reconciled Heart has started to sell again and hopefully the E-version will do well. I sent off the sequel, Emily, and my Norma Jean mysteries series so if you pray, say one for their success. I love to write but sometimes get a bit discouraged when people rave over my published work and it seems I can’t find a home for my next works. Dozens of readers keep asking me when? When can we read more from you and I get somewhat embarrassed to have to say, not yet. I know I am on God’s time table so I just pray for wisdom and faith to know He knows the right timing. I’ll keep writing and sending out and trust He will open the right door or window.

This Past Year Went so Fast

This year went so fast and I didn’t accomplish a fraction of what I had planned. Happy New Year to all!

I’ll not complain about snow or no snow for awhile. Remember I was miffed because there was 2 inches of snow as close as fifteen miles to fifty miles away and we recieved none that stuck? The same areas that got the most snow received the worse weather this week in that they had a tornado and four people were killed. I thank God it didn’t hit here again. The receipe for tornadoes was set. We got two days of high sixties temps after extreme cold and in rolled the storms. Yesterday it was seventy and tonight it is twenty-four degrees !!!!

Well, God has been good this year as always. Good times or bad times he is always good to his children. We don’t see the big picture so therefore we don’t always understand the trial we go through but without a doubt I know God loves us. Yes, we can create our own problems by self-will, but even then, when we call upon our God he will do what is best for us. Not always what we want, but what is best in the realm of eternity.

Again, a happy and a prosperous new year to all. Another year to let others know about a loving God, a God who is coming to judge the unrepentant, but a God who has prepared heaven for those that will return with him, those that believe and follow the Lord Jesus. The Word says, we reap what we sow. The only escape from that is to accept the power of God’s forgiveness through Christ. I’m so thankful I have the peace of Christ in this world of evil, wars, immorality and hate caused by living in sin. We have a way of escape. Okay, I’ll step out of my pulpit…but not out of the love God has given me, for while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us to be forgiven. Talk to you all later.