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Signing Back In, Lost Computer but Back in Business

Is it a hassle to suddenly lose all connections? I remember the time when I wouldn’t even use the computer and now it seems I have no connections without it. I used to have an address book, paper, but guess what it got replaced with? Contacts!! I am now having to re-build my contacts with no back-up remaining to draw from.

I’m so glad God doesn’t lose my address. He can find me where ever I happen to drift off or change living locations without having to try and find the lost file.

I’m still writing and have the fourth Norma Jean’s Mystery, Body in the Big Box half-way complete. Thankfully I took my sis’s advice and saved all my writing on a stick file before the crash. In someways the mishap helped me clean up the garbage I had been avoiding in the deleted and useless files I had saved, but I lost a lot of personal contacts that I only had on files and not paper.

Well, I’ve got to start the re-build. Hopefully my friends will email me and I can capture the worldwide group of names again. God is in control so I know there is a reason for all the good and bad that happens in the lives of those that love Him and keep His commandments. That’s the Word. All things work together for good to them that are the called, according to His purpose so we can be at peace and assured He won’t lose our address and He always knows our name.

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